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The Top Benefits and Challenges of the Cloud

As you know, choosing the right infrastructure to manage your data is an essential ingredient to your success as an IT director and to the business. You may be still weighing your options for transitioning to the cloud or upgrading your existing cloud services because of lingering security issues or concerns over legacy application availability. If this is you, then here are some of the many benefits that the cloud offers to help you make that decision.

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Hosting with Real Vision Software

Digital Assets for a Digital World

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Top 5 Trends and Features to Look for in Your Next Video Surveillance System

If you’re considering upgrading to an IP video camera system, now is a great time to do so. With the increase of workplace-related crimes and malicious incidents on the rise, remote video monitoring is an ideal way for your organization’s security team to keep track of the facility. Today’s wireless video and tracking systems are getting not only smarter, but also cheaper. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 5 video surveillance trends and features.

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6 Challenges for the Future of IT Infrastructure and Managed Services

Advances in Managed Services and IT Infrastructure

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Make Data Protection Work for You

Over the years we've spoken with many IT teams that were tired of babysitting backups, replications, restore jobs, testing, and the remediation of all of these chores.  At CMA we've worked with all of the tools -  often several in the same datacenter.  Some are better at physical, others are good for that one app you can't get rid of, and then there's the HA or DR tool colliding with the backup you finally got to work. How can you accomplish reliable data protection on shrinking budgets, constrained technical staff, and the increasing importance of technology in your organization? Our solution is to consolidate with Veeam Availability Suite. 

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Does Your Small Business Really Need IT Support?

Small businesses often struggle with the best way to fulfill roles that are neither profit-generating nor related directly to business operations. Often these roles include finance/accounting, marketing and information technology (IT). In the earliest stages, the company owner or one of its first employees may undertake these tasks. With a mindset of “we all wear many hats” and do what it takes to help the fledgling business survive and grow, the impact of this cobbled-together approach is minimal: bills will get paid, invoices are sent out, computers are ordered and repairs undertaken… and through trial-and-error, these business essentials are maintained.

But then the company grows. Additional employees are hired, and larger projects are undertaken. More clients or customers mean everyone is busy keeping up, and these support roles may fall to the wayside.

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5 Major Managed IT Services Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

The quantity of data that every company faces is growing exponentially each year. In fact, a modern interpretation of Moore’s Law states that computing efficiency doubles every 18 months. (Source: MIT Technology Review

Whether or not technology continues to advance at this break-neck pace, businesses are constantly struggling with how best to keep up with frequent updates to hardware and software, and how to nimbly and efficiently manage their data, devices and users.

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Can You Manage IT Services On Your Own?

There’s always going to be someone in a company who takes it upon himself or herself to get involved with managed IT services. When those duties become part of that person’s job description, say Director of IT, that’s just perfect. Forget we said a word and continue with your business.

But, what’s more likely to happen is that fixing the system, tweaking the network or chasing a bug, takes someone away from their regular duties, and it may not necessarily be their full-time position. We can hear the muttering now – “If I wanted to work in IT all day, I’d still be doing it.”

According to this handy infographic from CMA Technology Solutions, you’ve now become an “Involuntary IT Manager,” a position that comes with all the headaches and none of the glory of an actual IT manager.

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Securing Your Business Against Data Theft

The daily news is full of stories dealing with data stolen from some of America’s largest and most recognizable brands.  In recent months we have seen network intrusions and data theft at Target, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot and Dairy Queen.  You’ve seen these stories and probably are thinking these are all large companies with lots of valuable data; no wonder they are targets.  You might also be thinking don’t these companies have lots of really smart technology people who can protect that data?  Just goes to show you what a tough battle it is protecting your virtual assets from hackers and unscrupulous people.  What you should not be thinking however is this; if these big companies can’t do anything about it then why should I try?  After all my company is a small business and who wants my data?  Our experience tells us you might be amazed.

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