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Can You Manage IT Services On Your Own?

There’s always going to be someone in a company who takes it upon himself or herself to get involved with managed IT services. When those duties become part of that person’s job description, say Director of IT, that’s just perfect. Forget we said a word and continue with your business.

But, what’s more likely to happen is that fixing the system, tweaking the network or chasing a bug, takes someone away from their regular duties, and it may not necessarily be their full-time position. We can hear the muttering now – “If I wanted to work in IT all day, I’d still be doing it.”

According to this handy infographic from CMA Technology Solutions, you’ve now become an “Involuntary IT Manager,” a position that comes with all the headaches and none of the glory of an actual IT manager.

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Securing Your Business Against Data Theft

The daily news is full of stories dealing with data stolen from some of America’s largest and most recognizable brands.  In recent months we have seen network intrusions and data theft at Target, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot and Dairy Queen.  You’ve seen these stories and probably are thinking these are all large companies with lots of valuable data; no wonder they are targets.  You might also be thinking don’t these companies have lots of really smart technology people who can protect that data?  Just goes to show you what a tough battle it is protecting your virtual assets from hackers and unscrupulous people.  What you should not be thinking however is this; if these big companies can’t do anything about it then why should I try?  After all my company is a small business and who wants my data?  Our experience tells us you might be amazed.

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Restoring Lost Data on Complex Networks


Every company needs to consider what they are doing to protect the data that’s being stored on their servers. It’s one thing to back up data at an individual user level. Backing up data on a much larger scale is something else entirely. Protocols have to be put in place that back up data at a server level without any user intervention. Backups have to be stored in another location in addition to the server. Organizations are making the decision to move their files to the cloud, but there are some distinct disadvantages to that approach. Cloud storage options are just as fragile as their hardware-based counterparts. It’s better to go with both cloud and physical storage to ensure that one of these backup options will remain viable.

Manually backing up data creates the risk that too much time will pass in between backup instances. The backup method that you choose has to back up data at least once per day if not continuously. You should be able to rest easy knowing that your data is backed up without you having to do anything to back it up. The worst thing about data backup is that people often think about it when it’s too late. They operate under the assumption that they will be able to avoid the catastrophic events that inevitably result in data loss. This nonchalant approach leads to them losing all their data in dramatic fashion.

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Hit Your Revenue Targets

When developing an IT solution, there’s no excuse for failing to meet revenue targets. You have to have contingency plans in place that address the possibility of IT systems falling apart. If your systems fail employees would have to be willing to work on their projects outside of the office in an effort to get them done on time. Asking employees to work outside of the office could result in a less than positive response. You have to hope that they’re willing to invest time that they could be spending with their families to finish a project you assigned them. In an effort to reduce the possibility that disasters of this nature will occur, you have to develop a network infrastructure and technical partnership where additional resources pick up the slack in the event of a disaster, outage or system failure.
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Benefits of Backing Up Your Data with a Managed Service Provider

Since just about everything in business has moved into the digital realm, organization and protection of company data is absolutely critical.  This means data about your customers, inventory, receivables, important files and the like. Similarly important is backing up this data, ensuring that copies of everything a company needs to remain in business will be available. This is where a managed services provider can be invaluable; the right managed services vendor is vital to a business and can deliver on many important technology fronts, none more important than protecting company data. Their system will become your company’s way of organizing, copying, and protecting all information. Having this backup safety net for everything your company could ever need is important, for the reasons listed below.

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What is Managed IT Services?


A highly functional IT department is one that is free of the daily struggle to maintain a vast network of individually supported systems, which suffer from bugs, inopportune immediate patch needs and unexpected (and often incomprehensive) down time. By shaking off the shackles of reactive problem solving, your IT department can be free to contribute their expertise and innovation to:

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Off-Site Cloud Hosting Gives New Orleans Cold Storage Peace of Mind

Are you familiar with the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast in the U.S.? Have you traveled down South for a business trip or a vacation? Have you watched hurricane footage on the Weather Channel? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might understand how suddenly a tropical southern storm can turn into a vicious category five hurricane.

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CMA Marks 30th Anniversary by Installing One of the First Flash and Software-defined Storage Systems in the US

Baton Rouge, LA – June 17, 2014CMA Technology Solutions this month celebrates 30 years of providing leading-edge IT solutions to organizations across the Gulf Coast in the construction, financial, health care, education, gaming and public sector industry. CMA installed the IBM FlashSystem V840 in May for a banking customer in Arkansas – one of the first installations of its kind in the U.S. The
FlashSystem V840, a new IBMenterprise performance solution, combines flash storage technology and software virtualization in one, integrated solution that improves storage capability and accelerates critical business applications.

“Spinning disks will become obsolete as solid state storage devices, like the V840 FlashSystem, become more desirable – they’re faster, more cost-efficient and have more storage capacity while decreasing power consumption,” said Dave Renoud, Executive Vice President of Technical Services at CMA. “In an industry that’s always evolving and progressing, we monitor emerging technologies so we can give our customers reliable solutions instead of just temporary fads.”

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