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3 Reasons to Backup Office 365

Many can agree that email is an integral part of our day-to-day work lives, and for most, it is the primary mode of communication. Without it, we would be a lot less productive. Have you thought about what would happen if your Office 365 data was suddenly lost or deleted?  You’re probably thinking “No worries, Microsoft has all of that covered!” Do they really? The short answer is no, but let’s dive a little deeper into it!

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The Top Benefits and Challenges of the Cloud

As you know, choosing the right infrastructure to manage your data is an essential ingredient to your success as an IT director and to the business. You may be still weighing your options for transitioning to the cloud or upgrading your existing cloud services because of lingering security issues or concerns over legacy application availability. If this is you, then here are some of the many benefits that the cloud offers to help you make that decision.

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Hosting with Real Vision Software

Digital Assets for a Digital World

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Make Data Protection Work for You

Over the years we've spoken with many IT teams that were tired of babysitting backups, replications, restore jobs, testing, and the remediation of all of these chores.  At CMA we've worked with all of the tools -  often several in the same datacenter.  Some are better at physical, others are good for that one app you can't get rid of, and then there's the HA or DR tool colliding with the backup you finally got to work. How can you accomplish reliable data protection on shrinking budgets, constrained technical staff, and the increasing importance of technology in your organization? Our solution is to consolidate with Veeam Availability Suite. 

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Restoring Lost Data on Complex Networks


Every company needs to consider what they are doing to protect the data that’s being stored on their servers. It’s one thing to back up data at an individual user level. Backing up data on a much larger scale is something else entirely. Protocols have to be put in place that back up data at a server level without any user intervention. Backups have to be stored in another location in addition to the server. Organizations are making the decision to move their files to the cloud, but there are some distinct disadvantages to that approach. Cloud storage options are just as fragile as their hardware-based counterparts. It’s better to go with both cloud and physical storage to ensure that one of these backup options will remain viable.

Manually backing up data creates the risk that too much time will pass in between backup instances. The backup method that you choose has to back up data at least once per day if not continuously. You should be able to rest easy knowing that your data is backed up without you having to do anything to back it up. The worst thing about data backup is that people often think about it when it’s too late. They operate under the assumption that they will be able to avoid the catastrophic events that inevitably result in data loss. This nonchalant approach leads to them losing all their data in dramatic fashion.

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CMA Marks 30th Anniversary by Installing One of the First Flash and Software-defined Storage Systems in the US

Baton Rouge, LA – June 17, 2014CMA Technology Solutions this month celebrates 30 years of providing leading-edge IT solutions to organizations across the Gulf Coast in the construction, financial, health care, education, gaming and public sector industry. CMA installed the IBM FlashSystem V840 in May for a banking customer in Arkansas – one of the first installations of its kind in the U.S. The
FlashSystem V840, a new IBMenterprise performance solution, combines flash storage technology and software virtualization in one, integrated solution that improves storage capability and accelerates critical business applications.

“Spinning disks will become obsolete as solid state storage devices, like the V840 FlashSystem, become more desirable – they’re faster, more cost-efficient and have more storage capacity while decreasing power consumption,” said Dave Renoud, Executive Vice President of Technical Services at CMA. “In an industry that’s always evolving and progressing, we monitor emerging technologies so we can give our customers reliable solutions instead of just temporary fads.”

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Venyu & CMA partner to offer IBM System i Cloud Service

IBM Legacy Systems Protected by Seamless Cloud-Based Application and Data Backup

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